Backpacking had been a dream of mine for years, but one I kept delaying for one excuse after another. I had a good job, great friends, and loving family…how could I leave all that for an unknown future? Then one day I woke up and realized that “good” job was one for which I had no passion, the morning commute was killing me, and life had become more of an existence rather than a journey. A change needed to be made, but it wasn’t simply a job change that would do it. I had to see the world, find my place in it by learning more about myself, and create a new reality before I woke up in 20 years and regretted not taking the chance. So at 32, I quit my job, sold almost everything I owned, and decided to spend my minimal savings on travelling the world.

Since choosing the world of adventure, each day has offered new lessons in learning how to adapt, accept, respect, share, grow and ultimately transform my perspective on myself and the world. The only thing I regret now is not making the jump years earlier! Join me on this journey, and perhaps it will inspire you to do the same.


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