One of travels greatest gifts is it’s road toward further opening your mind and heart. Many travelers, myself included, have been changed in positive ways down to their core by travel. It can change your perspective of people, on the way you see the dynamics of the world, and ultimately who you are as a person.

To that end, this site is created as a free and easy source of information to inspire people into travel. The longer the better! Hopefully this “manual” takes most of the research stress out of the decision to travel process, and offers some inspiration along the way! If this site can move the travel dreamer one step closer to a traveling reality, then Negotiating the World is a success!

These days the backpacker trail is easy, safe, and CHEAP…as long as your willing to do a little negotiation. Latin America and Southeast Asia can be traveled for less $500 per MONTH. And that includes all food, lodging, transport, and even a bit of alcohol. Stay in one place and you can live all inclusive in beautiful areas of the world for under $300 per month!

Sound too good to be true? Start with the travel tips page and you’ll begin to see how easy it is to jump from your daily routine into life changing world travel. You’ll find useful tips on how to save for travel, time your trip, plan your immunizations, conceptualize the routing and pricing of the backpacker trail, choose a backpack, and decide what to pack including helpful gadgets like a GoPro and Kobo. For those already on the road, you’ll find tactics for how to negotiate with vendors on the road, how to get jobs on the road (especially for those under 30) and other useful information to help you make traveling the world a reality. These pages make it easy by giving you a checklist from beginning to end!

Do you just want advice on specific countries or areas? Click over to the countries page and use the search box at the top of the page. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to write on everywhere I’ve been, so feel free to contact me if you need some quick advice on any of the places listed below.

For in depth research and trip planning, I also offer one-on-one help for $30/hour.


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